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Ruth’s Trade Show/Expo Workshop was extremely valuable for me as a first-timer exhibitor. I especially got a lot out of the segmentation on Boothmanship with great tips on how to professionally set-up and man a booth. The strategies on good lead follow-up and management were very helpful as well. Overall, a great and valuable learning experience!

Tim Watkins
SafeGuard Realty Investments



Pre-PaidLegal Services Inc.



My companies have been doing trade shows for over 20 years and although they are successful, I wanted to see if we can improve our trade show results. In consultations both before the show and at the show, Ruth Fell Failer of Tips of the Trade and I concluded there was a need for a structured lead retrieval system. This was the first time our company has implemented anything like this. By following her suggestions, we now have developed a pre-show contact list to notify customers of upcoming shows. Our after show follow-up has also resulted in much higher post-show sales.

At the show, she evaluated our booth layout and display and helped with a new fresh trade show display, making it more inviting for customers to purchase our products.

Her many years of trade show experience has benefited us greatly.

Steve Harrison
President & CEO
Kedzie Koins & Jewelry, Inc. / What A Gem, Inc.



Ruth Failer’s “Tips of the Trade, Show and Tell Just Got Serious!” exhibitor workshop at the Luxury Pet Pavilion was very insightful for me. Ruth helped us think about how to identify buyers, what to say when customers approach your booth and best ways to follow up. As a start-up business in the pet industry we are new to pet trade shows and selling to retail.  I found her suggestions to be most valuable for our new business.  
I also enjoyed the interaction between the participants, especially the buyers in the crowd who gave their own insights into what works and what doesn’t.  Thanks to Ruth I walked away with helpful information and new tools to use at trade shows!

Sky lOgo Kathryn Klingler
Skye & Cloud





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